Wednesday, September 22, 2010

From the Heart, comes the truth!

A short conversation that made my day, maybe even my week !

ME: Sometimes I wish I could work so that I could feel like I'm helping out money wise, I feel like I don't do anything important!

FRIEND: yeah, it is hard because the stay at home work isn't as recognized or looked at by society as important, but to me that's where the importance is. How i look at it is men are by nature providers, they work to provide and support their family. In our modern times that is done by making money to pay for stuff. Women by nature are nurturers. And by modern society this is frowned upon and women, such as yourself, feel that it isn't "important" when it is more important than providing for. what you are doing is very very very very important.

It's amazing to have someone say something to you that is so simple but that really hits home. All I needed to hear was this, I don't need flowers or candy, I just need simple words that come from the heart. So, to my friend who took the time to tell me a simple truth, Thank you, you are an amazing person, who cares so much for others and always knows what to say to cheer me up!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Magic Eraser

The Mr.Clean Magic eraser is AMAZING, I don't know how they do it but it does perform some magic. I bought one a few weeks ago and it had been sitting on the counter and yesterday I decide to try it out. Well, to my surprise it worked better then any towel and all purpose cleaner. It got all the scuffs, scratches and spaghetti sauce of my walls and base boards, my house feel super clean now and I'm very happy. Try it out! It's pretty awesome :)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

To New York and Back!

So, for our family vacation this year we decided to drive (yes drive) to New York. My dad and my stepmom and little sister live there and that is where Rob and I met.
We did our research and discovered that it would be cheaper to drive than fly. So, we packed up the jeep and started our adventure. On our way to New York we stopped in Fremont, Michigan, to stay with my Grandma for 2 days. My mom was also visiting, we had so much fun there. My grandma lives on creek that goes into a beautiful lake. Katie got to go fishing with my mom and Rob out on the paddle boat, she caught several fish. There was also napping and eating and enjoying family!

On day 6 we made it to New York. We stayed in NY for 7 days ( not long enough). We had so much fun. Rob and I got to spend a lot of time with my little sister Emily, who is 10 and a cute, funny and wonderful little girl. We got to go swimming almost everyday in their pool. We went shopping, took family pictures and had the chance to go visit my Grandpa and my Great Grandma, which is Katie and Lexie's Great Grandpa and Great Great Grandma, we took a 5 generation picture, Amazing!

Rob was also able to go to the University of Rochester, which is where he did his undergrad work! He went and visited with old professors and a few friends. I was able to go visit my very good friend Mindy, she is such an amazing woman, mother, wife and friend. She has such a sweet spirit and I always look forward to seeing her. We miss our New York family very much and treasure the time we had with them!

Our time in the car to NY and back was really fun and the girls were great, it went much better then I thought! Overall we had a wonderful and time and made a lot of great memories and also stayed in a few sketchy Motel 6 :)

Here are a few Pictures from our trip!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Perspective – by Jenny Phillips

Perspective #1--The perspective I almost took last week
Doing laundry is miserable. Just when I finish 8 loads and finally put it away, the laundry baskets are overflowing again. My baby won't sleep. My kids are always fighting, complaining, whining, screaming, and moaning. My husband's high council meeting lasted 3 and a half hours, and I had to mow the lawn myself. It takes two hours to get my kids in bed, and there is never any extra time for myself.

Perspective #2--The perspective I decided to take last week
I am the head laundress for a very royal family. I have found that my chubby little baby loves to be propped up in all the laundry while I fold it and talk baby language with him. One day the mound of laundry reaching half way up to my ceiling will be a small mound of just mine and my husbands laundry, and I will have no chubby little baby to keep me company while I fold it. I also have the title of head tutor for this royal family. Everyday I have the opportunity to teach and train four little souls about the gospel, being kind, and developing a noble character. And in the meantime, they are helping mold and stretch me into a person of much deeper charity. Sometimes I get to be the head gardener. I even got to mow the lawn and smell fresh cut grass and watch the dark rain clouds float lazily in the sky while feeling my muscles work out. Perhaps one of my most loved titles is head bed tucker inner. For 2 hours I get to brush little white teeth, read and tell stories, listen to little voices asking for water, stuffed animals and special blankets. I get exercise as I put my 3 year old back in bed 30 times. And then I get to rock a little chubby baby and see him stop drinking his bottle and smile when I start to sing. Perspective changes everything.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Sooooo Hot!!

I'm in Arizona, sitting in the living room of my friend Stephanie. It's 8am and it's 95 degrees out. Now, I'm from Utah and it gets hot there, I have also lived in upstate New York and Palm Spring, Ca, My husband is From New Orleans and we have spent several weeks there during the summer. All of theses place get really hot but I have NEVER be hotter( temperature wise) in my life. I am sweating ALL the time, I keep telling Stephanie that I feel like I have a sunburn because I can feel heat radiating off of me. I walk from the couch to the bathroom and I need a bottle of water :). I have had like 300 bottles of water and I have only been her 2 1/2 days. Stephanie thinks this is the funniest thing, she thinks I'm crazy, I just wonder if I'll survive until Thursday but I am having lots of fun :)

Monday, February 22, 2010

Happy New Year!

Hello, I'm in the mood for blogging! So I looked and last time I posted was in December, lame. So, This year has been pretty uneventful, We had the flu pass through our house a few times and pink eye....eewwwww! Rob is still working for Bluehost and loving it, I'm still at home with the girls, Katie goes to pre-school a few days a week. Alexis 'Lexis' will 1 year old next Sunday, how amazing and fast it went! Katie turned three 1/2 last month and she is a wild woman, in all ways!
I went to CA with Lexie to visit my mom, we had a great time :). We got to see Rob's mom for about an hour while she was traveling through, it was short but nice. Rob and I became sunbeam teachers at our church, it's the 3 and 4 year olds and they are a funny bunch, they make me laugh so hard, they all have the attention Span of a fly, 2 seconds Lol. Yes, Katie is in our class and she is one of the instigators and a stinker in class, we have tried talking to her about it but she is like "whatever!". Other then that things are going good, I'll post a ton of pictures soon :)