Wednesday, September 22, 2010

From the Heart, comes the truth!

A short conversation that made my day, maybe even my week !

ME: Sometimes I wish I could work so that I could feel like I'm helping out money wise, I feel like I don't do anything important!

FRIEND: yeah, it is hard because the stay at home work isn't as recognized or looked at by society as important, but to me that's where the importance is. How i look at it is men are by nature providers, they work to provide and support their family. In our modern times that is done by making money to pay for stuff. Women by nature are nurturers. And by modern society this is frowned upon and women, such as yourself, feel that it isn't "important" when it is more important than providing for. what you are doing is very very very very important.

It's amazing to have someone say something to you that is so simple but that really hits home. All I needed to hear was this, I don't need flowers or candy, I just need simple words that come from the heart. So, to my friend who took the time to tell me a simple truth, Thank you, you are an amazing person, who cares so much for others and always knows what to say to cheer me up!