Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Perspective – by Jenny Phillips

Perspective #1--The perspective I almost took last week
Doing laundry is miserable. Just when I finish 8 loads and finally put it away, the laundry baskets are overflowing again. My baby won't sleep. My kids are always fighting, complaining, whining, screaming, and moaning. My husband's high council meeting lasted 3 and a half hours, and I had to mow the lawn myself. It takes two hours to get my kids in bed, and there is never any extra time for myself.

Perspective #2--The perspective I decided to take last week
I am the head laundress for a very royal family. I have found that my chubby little baby loves to be propped up in all the laundry while I fold it and talk baby language with him. One day the mound of laundry reaching half way up to my ceiling will be a small mound of just mine and my husbands laundry, and I will have no chubby little baby to keep me company while I fold it. I also have the title of head tutor for this royal family. Everyday I have the opportunity to teach and train four little souls about the gospel, being kind, and developing a noble character. And in the meantime, they are helping mold and stretch me into a person of much deeper charity. Sometimes I get to be the head gardener. I even got to mow the lawn and smell fresh cut grass and watch the dark rain clouds float lazily in the sky while feeling my muscles work out. Perhaps one of my most loved titles is head bed tucker inner. For 2 hours I get to brush little white teeth, read and tell stories, listen to little voices asking for water, stuffed animals and special blankets. I get exercise as I put my 3 year old back in bed 30 times. And then I get to rock a little chubby baby and see him stop drinking his bottle and smile when I start to sing. Perspective changes everything.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Sooooo Hot!!

I'm in Arizona, sitting in the living room of my friend Stephanie. It's 8am and it's 95 degrees out. Now, I'm from Utah and it gets hot there, I have also lived in upstate New York and Palm Spring, Ca, My husband is From New Orleans and we have spent several weeks there during the summer. All of theses place get really hot but I have NEVER be hotter( temperature wise) in my life. I am sweating ALL the time, I keep telling Stephanie that I feel like I have a sunburn because I can feel heat radiating off of me. I walk from the couch to the bathroom and I need a bottle of water :). I have had like 300 bottles of water and I have only been her 2 1/2 days. Stephanie thinks this is the funniest thing, she thinks I'm crazy, I just wonder if I'll survive until Thursday but I am having lots of fun :)