Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Swine!

So everyone at my house has been sick except for me for the last week.
First Katie got sick and then a few days later Rob got sick and then a few days later Lexie was sick. All my poor babies are sick with bad coughs and stuffy noses and fevers.
We have been to the doctors twice in one week and have gone through 3 boxes of tissue, I bottle of baby Motrin, two boxes of NyQuil and 3 Gatorade's. Many tears have been shed by Lexis, Katie and me and there have been many sleepless nights, but we have all made it through and I think we are on the upside of things. Wish us luck!


Valoree Mills said...

Great job Sarah, Only a women and Mom could pull that off. You have amazing strength.

Stephanie said...

Good Luck! I know how you feel we have been battling sickness for over a month. I am at the doctor about 2 times per week if not more! Anyways it has been crazy!