Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wednesday, March 30th, 2011

Today I read about a local charity and it made me so happy and inspired. I thought to myself , I'm going to do that! Except I think I'll keep a few in my car just in case I see an soaked stranger walking by. My street in my neighborhood is small and I don't know how many people I could help. Because spring showers are here and more are coming, I thought this would be a good deed to try. It could be your 17 second miracle for the day!

**want to know what 17 second miracle is? Go check out

Umbrellas for Strangers
is a home-run charity wherein we collect umbrellas in a secure, dry area of our house. On a day like today, we will watch vigilantly out the window. Upon our viewing of a stranger caught without covering, we will dispatch an umbrella to the unaware stranger, thus saving our new friend from wetness, annoyance and possibly pneumonia/death. When that stranger has no more use of the umbrella, he/she can kindly return it to our doorstep (thanks is not necessary, and we don't eat treats from strangers, unless they are pre-wrapped treats, Snickers and the like).

Thank you CJane for your inspiring ideas, check cjane out

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Ashlie Grow said...

I love that idea! :-) I would totally steal it except we live on a culdasac and no one ever walks by our house. maybe I could do the "charity run from our car" version and spot people while I'm driving in the rain.