Sunday, July 5, 2009

Just a mom!

I'm just a mom! That's what I feel like sometimes. I feel like I have no Idea who I am. I feel like I should know what my talents are and what types of things I enjoy doing but I'm too busy doing laundry and changing diapers to find out. I feel like my closest friend is the dishwasher and that I see the vacuum more then my husband, Having kids is hard work and very tiring but very rewarding. I love being a mom, I just wish that I had a little more balance in my life. If anyone has any ideas for finding balance, send them my way. I hate complaining but sometimes I just need to put it out there, sorry!

Sometimes motherhood can be the loneliest and busiest place to be!


Stephanie said...

I know exactly how you feel. I wish we were still around each other. I always looked forward to our girls night out so much and miss those. The laughter made the next day wonderful. I hope that you find your talents and remember that unless you are taking care of yourself it is hard to take care of you kids. Good Luck! I miss you and our time we spend together with or without the kids!

Erin said...

I hear you, to an extent! Its easy to get caught up in house and family and to brush aside our own interests and desires. Especially when children are young, they demand so much! Just as Raina is getting more independent, I'm about to have our second child.

I focus on things that make me feel good within the home, since it can be difficult for me to care out time alone or time outside the house. Raina and I have a garden and I'm slowly evolving the food we eat to be all local year round. I've learned to can and preserve seasonal bounties and Raina can help as I do it. I became involved with La Leche League and trained to become a leader, which is about as family friendly of a volunteer job one can ask for. I really get a lot out of helping other women gain the confidence they need to feed their babies.

In time, i've learned to prioritize my wnats on equal footing with my daughter's wants. I meet her needs, I emet mine, but its okay for me to take her out to the place I want to go instead of (yet another) a trip to the Children's museum weekly or whatever she wants.

I suspect that you will find yourself again as Alexis grows and becomes a little more independent and as Katie continues along that trend. Its normal for moms of young infants to feel like they've lost themselves (but really "buried" is a better term!).